Thank you for choosing Lifted Trance Music Recordings with our Sub-Labels Lifted Trance Music (Uplifting Trance) and Lifted Colors (any kind of Electronic Dance Music)!.  You can send us your original productions for checking the label at any time. Please read the following information carefully.

The track must be exclusively for Lifted Trance Music Records Lifted Label Group and be professionally mastered.

We love to receive demos, but please note that the large number of demos makes it impossible for us to respond to each one of them.

Soundcloud makes our lives a lot easier these days and that's why we encourage everyone to use their (free) service. Please send your private player links to using the form.

We only accept Originals. Remixes, bootlegs, mashups and the like are not taken into account and are deleted immediately. Please make sure that you own the copyright on your production. Your production must also be free of unauthorized samples and / or vocals.

Deliver your title with the correct file name, i.e. H. [artist name] - [title]. Don't forget to leave a valid email address and tell us a little bit about yourself and your music.

You can fill out and send the demo form below

Good luck! Your A&R Lifted Trance Music Recordings Team

Please be advised that we cannot respond to all demo submissions.

Thank you for Submitting your Demo!

* By submitting, I confirm that I can submit this track to LIFTED TRANCE MUSIC RECORDS LIFTED LABEL GROUP for review and that I am not infringing anybody else's rights by doing so. I agree for my information to be stored for the purpose of this review and to be contacted by LIFTED TRANCE MUSIC RECORDS LIFTED LABEL GROUP regarding this music submission.

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